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30 for 30 Starts Now (Well Actually Yesterday)

So I was reading on the internet about this 30 day challenge and a number of things popped into my head.

  1. I swore I was going to get serious about this math blog thing when I came back from NCTM this year
  2. I just successfully finished four weeks of adopting a new habit (morning meditation) and was looking to move on to a  new one
  3. I am about to start teaching a unit on probability and I really want to take my teaching to the next level, so I’ll probably need some help
  4. I just published a nice introductory blog post yesterday, so if I fired off a quick one, I could actually be on track to do this thing!

You can only let an idea bounce around in your head so many times before you need to either act on it, so I decided to act.  Over the next month I’ll be explaining more about my upcoming “Equations and Patterns” Unit,  the final “Carnival Project”, and my ambitious plans to teach and assess it better than I have the last 5 times I taught it.  Should be a good month!




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  1. Nate Goza

    I’m going to get around to a “The Way I Teach” post eventually here, but for the purpose of getting to the point, let’s call it “Task-Based-Learning.” Last year I did some pretty cool tasks with probability. One centered around the Larry Johnson 4 point play a few years back. Each task is 15-45 minutes in duration. I definitely want to share those with you if they are relevant in your class. What probability topics will you be covering?

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