Carl is an Assistant Principal at a New York City transfer school which he taught at for 5 years prior. Transfer schools, or “Alternative” schools, are places for  students to transfer if their first high school isn’t working out for them. His current school is always accepting new students who have earned a patchwork of credits, and students only sign up for courses in 8 week increments.  You should ask Carl about the different kind of students he teaches which come from all parts of the city.

Before that Carl taught in a new school in the Bronx that, despite a great deal of hard work from a lot of dedicated teachers, was voted to close down after four (FOUR!) years. You can ask Carl about how sometimes educational policies can be, umm, slightly misguided.

Along the way Carl ended up studying at a Harvard Graduate School of Education, Teachers College, and Michigan State University. You can ask Carl which of these schools he would root for in the NCAA tournament (and he will always say MSU).

In his spare time, Carl has spent a lot of time learning about WordPress. You can ask him if you want to know how to do things with your website (although he may not know how to do it, he can always try!).

He’s also a diehard Pistons fan, and you can ask him why Andre Drummond is already better than Dwight Howard.