TMC15 has me much more active on Twitter.  Today there has been some talk about building the concept of functions.  Last year Liem and I made functions the main focus of our course.  We feel like a solid understanding of functions, their notation, and their graphs is critical for growth in the direction of Calculus.  The file below contains a series of Scenario-Based Tasks we used last year and some new ones I wrote this summer.  It is very much a work in progress and I would love some feedback if anyone ever takes the time to look through it!

Relations and Functions – N. Goza & L. Tran

The Unit starts by discussing sets of numbers and then moves into relations, functions, and all the related vocabulary and notation we could think of.  I would personally highlight “1.4” and the bike riding part of the “Unit 1 Exam” as the most refined and ready-to-use tasks.