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Around the Blogosphere: Fractions, Grading, And A #MTBoS30 Round-Up

This Saturday I wanted to do a little trip around the blogosphere to look for things to blog about.  As much as this blog is about documenting my growth as a teacher, this blog should provide a space to document what I am learning from other people.  This week I felt like learned a lot from a number of things I read, but when it was time to get a post up, these are the ones that stuck out in my head:

@trianglemancsd has been going through the questions from the ‘Grant Wiggins Challenge’, and has produced a set of great posts that quickly challenge the depth with whcih I thought about the mentioned topics.  I was really interested in the third question, where Wiggins’ asked about the often-memorized, rarely-conceptualized, ‘same-change-flip’ algorithm for division of fractions.  Danielson’s response introduced the words partitive and quotative division into my vocabulary and led me on a fascinating trip down a mathematical rabbit hole which could rival a graduate class.

Also interesting is that Grant Wiggins himself shows up in the posts, creating a pretty interesting and cordial conversation (their interactions stop far short of a Public Intellectual Death Math).

@mythagon created the cutest video about (not) grading math assignments and there is really know way you can’t watch it.  It was based off of an article that I had read before and forgot when the school year started, that I was happy to rediscover.  I was disappointed that I was in the middle of grading when I watched it, as it made me instantly want to change my practice.

@sophgermain, the gauntlet-thrower-downer of the 30 day math blog challenge did a quite proper round up of #MTBoS30 posts, which you are better off just checking out for yourself.


8/30 #MTBoS30


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  1. Cute is rarely a word applied to me, but I’ll take it. Glad you liked it! No instant change, though. Plan it out. Discuss with others!

    And I am with you on the words partitive and quotative as I only saw them for the first time about a year ago when I fell down that same rabbit hole. Really interesting stuff there and Christopher’s writings on the topic really helped my understanding. It felt like something I should have learned in my content classes for my teaching cert but didn’t. Ah, secondary training.

    I would highly recommend you check out for some other awesome discussions that will lead you down rabbit holes 🙂

    • Carl Oliver

      Thanks for the comment Ashli. I think I’ll put that blog on my list for the next time I try to sift through a bunch of big ideas.

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