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With issues of race arise I always wonder, “should I talk about it?”.  Typically, my willingness to talk about it is less than other people’s willingness to talk, and is rarely matched by people’s ability to objectively listen.

When I arrived back from honeymoon to the images of life in #Ferguson after the murder of Mike Brown I was so unaware of American Politics that I needed to get caught up, and the highly polarized media reports and shifting stories made that task difficult.  As the facebook/twitter/etc. conversation steered away from this one incident and towards the larger topic of race in America, and people began connecting what happened to incidents in their life.  Somewhere between reading this post about privilege and watching John Stewart’s coverage of Fox news’s coverage it got stuck in my head that I need to write something about this incident, and what it means for our country.    But it was hard to figure it out, one, because of the confusing nature of the incident, but mostly because of the role of race in America.

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Why Is It OK To Call Our Education System “Broken”?

In conversations informally, or across the web, there are a lot of people saying “our education system is broken” or something similar.  This bit of hyperbole has become so widespread that it is rarely questioned, and neither have it’s effects.  I believe that most people in education are proud of their work, and after a hard days work it is unfair for the country as a whole to agree with this meme which implies our educators are just wasting their time.

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