So it’s been a solid month since I posted here, and a brief synopsis of what I’ve been doing should be in order.

The school year ended very abruptly as our school community had to figure out how to deal with the loss of our amazing art teacher the same week that all the final classes, grades and graduation decisions were all supposed to be happening.  Needless to say, all of those things got pushed back a little, but they were also put in the proper perspective.  No student was asked “When are you going to get this done?” without first being asked “Are you doing ok?”, which made the end of the year a little more humane.

For me, however, the crazy just began after the school year ended because I was getting married that next week.  It was a great wedding, we managed to do a lot of things ourselves (no florist, no caterer).  I can talk about it for hours, but I’ll just leave it the most awkwardly timed photobooth shot here instead.

Since then we have been on our massive, 5-week honeymoon adventure through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  After having inconsistent internet through most of the trip, this hotel has pretty good service and I am starting to get back into my regular life and semi-regular blogging.   Look forward to a review of the book mindset that should match up with the posts from Ellie, Nate, and Liem, my fellow Coast2Coast colleagues.  I also need to talk about what I plan to be teaching next year, and what I will be doing with the time I am not teaching.  Finally, I plan to read about all of the things that happened this summer at #TMC14, PCMI, and around the blogosphere over the summer.  I won’t be fully engaged in any conversation for a little while, as I’m still 2 weeks away from my regular Wi-Fi and cellphone service, but I just wanted to start getting back to reality so the transition in August won’t be so jarring.